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    Minnie Sweetie Paws, LLC  

Minnie Sweetie Paws, LLC is a all natural pet pastry and pupcake business that provides pets, specifically dogs with yummy treats to fill their bellies. All treats are made fresh and do not contain any raw ingredients, unnatural sweetners or chocolates. Some treats include natural honey. Minnie Sweetie Paws, LLC takes in consideration the sensitive tummies of each dog and therefore personalized modifications can be made to each treat.  

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Upcoming Programs & Events

Credit Wise Women Lunch & Learn

Credit Wise Women
How to build, repair and maintain good credit!
There are many factors that go into your credit score. In this class you will learn what common factors contribute to your credit score and how you can control them and raise your credit score over time.

Plan for Profit-Financial Planning

Plan for Profit Financial Planning 

(Clients: $75 - $150 / Non-Clients: $250)


The financial planning module is designed to establish a forecast of future financial results that will determine the course of action the business will take to maximize resources for financial effectiveness. Fundamental for understanding cash flow, profit and loss, financial planning is essential for building revenues and managing costs. Efficient financial management allows businesses to successfully plan for growth and development. Clients may choose to take this class outside of the Plan for Profit track and become “Edge Certified in Financial Planning.” (4 consecutive weeks / Mon & Wed / 3 hour class time)